8 February SWJ Roundup

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Karzai Arises as Obstacle to US Talks with Taliban - LAT

Afghan Police 'Poisoned and Shot' in Kandahar - BBC

CIA in Afghanistan, Iraq for Long Haul - WP

NATO, Afghan and Pakistan Officials to Hold Border Talks - Reuters

Afghan Officials Question Reports of Children Dying in Camps - NYT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Gen. James Mattis, US Central Command, to Visit Pakistan - AP

Suspected US Drone Strike Kills Eight in NW Pakistan - VOA

US Drone 'Kills 10' in Pakistan - BBC

Officials: US Missiles Kill 9 People in Pakistan - AP

Pakistan Holds Border Talks After Deadly US Attack - AP

US Envoy Brings Charm but Slim Chance for Diplomatic Thaw - WP

Pakistan PM Files Appeal in Contempt Case - Reuters



Iranian President Summoned by MPs - BBC

Ahmadinejad Must Testify in Iran’s Parliament - NYT

India and Iran Reach Oil Pay Deal - BBC

Iranians 'Detained for BBC Links' - BBC

Iran’s Achilles’ Heel - NYT opinion

A US Author's Book, an Iranian Translator's Peril - LAT opinion



US Planning to Slash Iraq Embassy Staff by as Much as Half - NYT

US Evaluating its Embassy in Baghdad - WP

CIA in Afghanistan, Iraq for Long Haul - WP

Political Crisis Eases as Sunni Ministers Rejoin the Gov’t - NYT

Iraq's Sunni-backed Ministers Return to Cabinet - AP

Iraq Bloc Ends Boycott of Cabinet - BBC

State Department Calls on Iranian Exile Group to Move - LAT



White House Underscores Displeasure with China, Russia Votes on Syria - VOA

US, Allies Weigh Options in Syria - LAT

US Says Weighing Humanitarian Aid to Syrian People - Reuters

Syria Opposition Dismisses Assad Assurances - BBC

Scores Killed in Shelling of Syrian City of Homs - AP

Assad Militia Kills 3 Families in Syria's Homs - Reuters

After Doubts Grow, a Regime Backer Flees Syria - AP

Russian FM Meets Syria's Assad as Violence Continues - VOA

Russia Says Assad Wants Dialogue - WP

Stung by Criticism, Russia Sends Envoys to Defuse Crisis - NYT

Russia Sticks to Support for Syria's Assad - Reuters

Syrians Thank Russia and China for Opposing UN Resolution - LAT

Russia UN Veto on Syria Aimed at Crushing West's Crusade - Reuters

Turkey Debates Role in Possible Syria Intervention - VOA

'Syria Spies' Arrested in Berlin - BBC

Germany Arrests 2 Alleged Syrian Spies - AP

What Does it Mean to be Alawite, and Why Does it Matter? - LAT

Russia’s Potemkin Democracy - WP opinion



Mubarak Holdover Aims Against NGOs in Egypt - WP

Egypt's Ruling Generals Play Risky Game With US - AP

US Senators Warn Egypt of ‘Disastrous Rupture’ in Relations - VOA


Middle East / North Africa

Russia Denies Threatening Qatar in UN Talks - AP

Bahrain Releases Jailed Activists - BBC

Bahrain Refuses Journalists Seeking to Cover Protest Anniversary - LAT

Palestinian Site Wins Reprieve - WP

Israeli Union Starts a National General Strike - NYT

Israeli Labor Federation Calls Nationwide Strike - AP

UK Libya Mission 'Could be One-off' - BBC

Moroccan Army Promised Better Deal After Protests - Reuters

US Must Pressure Bahrain - WP editorial


US Department of Defense

DOD Backs Parade for Returning Vets When All Troops are Home - S&S

P-8A Makes Debut in Bold Alligator Exercise - NT

Chaplains Asked Not to Read Disapproval of Contraception Mandate - FOX

DOD Needs Cost-conscious Acquisitions Employees, Official Says - AFPS

New International Course Provides Public Affairs Instruction - AFPS

Obama Nominee Could Become Air Force’s First Female General - AFPS

Pentagon Press Secretary Holds First Twitter Town Hall - AFPS


United States

CIA in Afghanistan, Iraq for Long Haul - WP

Radical US Muslims Little Threat, Study Says - NYT

White House to Honor Iraq War Veterans, Families - AFPS

Regarding US Drones - LAT editorial


United Kingdom

Somali “Lone Wolf” Terror Threat Warning - BBC

UK Libya Mission 'Could be One-off' - BBC

Argentina to Go to UN Over Falklands - BBC

Britain Rules Out Talks With Argentina Over Falklands - NYT

Argentine President to UK PM: Give Peace a Chance - AP

Abu Qatada Deportation Ruling 'Unacceptable' - BBC

New Police Squad to Tackle Gangs - BBC



Canada PM in China to Discuss Oil - BBC


United Nations

A UN, but for Good Guys - LAT opinion



Sudan Oil Dispute Raises War Rhetoric - VOA

Chinese Workers Released in Sudan - BBC

Rebels Free Chinese Workers in Sudan, Red Cross Says - NYT

Blasts Rock Central Nigerian City - VOA

'Suicide Attack' on Nigeria Army - BBC

Sierra Leone Opposition: Gov't Provoking Violence - AP

US to Deport Liberia Ex-Warlord - BBC

UN: 20,000 Who Fled Violence in Mali Need Help - VOA



Mexico Arrests Sinaloa Drug Cartel's Reputed Enforcer - LAT

New Film Shows Mexico's Failing Education System - AP

Argentina to Go to UN Over Falklands - BBC

Britain Rules Out Talks With Argentina Over Falklands - NYT

Argentine President to UK PM: Give Peace a Chance - AP

Brazil Police Stand-off Continues - BBC

Venezuela: Chavez Foe Convinced of Winning Opposition Primary - AP

50 Years After Ban, Embargo on Cuba Remains - AP

Jamaica Government Destroys 2,000 Guns in Furnace - AP

Doing Right by Guatemala - WP editorial


Asia Pacific

US, Japan Agree on New Plan to Move Okinawa Marines to Guam - S&S

US, Japanese Officials Discuss Military Realignment - AFPS

Strategy to Break Okinawa Impasse Sparks Controversy - VOA

US to Move Marines to Guam Despite Futenma Delay - Reuters

Beijing Accents the Positive Ahead of High Level Visit to US - VOA

China: March Deadline for Microblog Users to Register Real Names - VOA

N. Korea: Age, Military Ties mzmrk Kim Jong Un's Inner Circle - AP

Burmese Pro-Democracy Leader Takes Campaign to Irrawaddy - VOA

Burma Visit Is Possible for CIA’s Petraeus - NYT

Earthquake Rescue Efforts Continue in Philippines - VOA



Greek Police Clash with Austerity Protesters - VOA

Greek Parties Again Delay Bailout Talks - WP

Greece Puts Off Decision on Austerity Moves - NYT

Euro 'Could Survive Greece Exit' - BBC

Germany-France: Merkel to Campaign for Sarkozy - WP

IMF: Latvia at Risk of Sending More into Poverty - WP

Freeze Prompts Europe Emergencies - BBC


South Asia

India Upgrades Its Military With China in Mind - AP

Key Polls Begin in India’s Uttar Pradesh - BBC

Elections in Vast Indian State a Window on Politics - NYT

India Awakens to Need for Foreign Investment - NYT

3 Ministers Resign in Porn Scandal in South India - AP

Maldives President Resigns After Police Mutiny - VOA

Amid Outcry, President of Maldives Steps Down - NYT

Maldives President Resigns After Weeks of Protests - LAT

Maldives Authorities Hold Former President - AP

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