7 February SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


UN Report on Civilian Casualties Encourages ISAF Commander - AFPS

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Taliban Eating Into Afghanistan's Core - AT opinion



US Sending Commander to Repair Ties With Pakistan - NYT

Court Challenges Put Spotlight on Pakistani Spy Agency - NYT

Pakistan PM Gilani in Qatar Talks - BBC



Obama Orders New Sanctions on Iran - VOA

Obama Imposes Freeze on Iran Property in US - NYT

US Tightens Sanctions on Iran - BBC

Obama: US Has 'Very Good' Intelligence on Iran - AP

Netanyahu to Israeli Cabinet: Stop 'Chitchat' About Iran - AP

Iran’s Middle Class on Edge as World Presses In - NYT

Prices Rise, Patience Thins in Sanctions-Hit Iran - AP

Iran Boosts Nuclear Work in Bunker - Reuters

UN Nuclear Talks in Tehran: Frustrated Hopes - Reuters

Naivete on Iran - WP opinion

An Unthinkable Conflict Between Iran, Israel - FT opinion

Israel and Iran on Eve of Destruction - Newsweek opinion



Syria Artillery Onslaught on Homs - BBC

Bombardment of Syria's Homs City Resumes - Reuters

US Closes Syria Embassy, Says UN Veto Emboldens Assad - VOA

US Embassy in Syria Closes as Violence Flares - NYT

US Pulls Diplomats as Crackdown on Protesters Intensifies - WP

US Closes Embassy in Syria Because of Insecurity - AP

Australia Imposes New Sanctions on Syrian Leaders - Reuters

Syrian Actions ‘Utterly Deplorable,’ Pentagon Spokesman Says - AFPS

Merkel and Sarkozy Share Anger Over Syria Stalemate - NYT

Syria's Assad Learns Lessons from Arab Spring, Recent History - VOA

China Defends its Veto of UN Resolution on Syria - VOA

Russia Rejects Criticism of Its UN Veto on Syria - NYT

Killing in Syria - NYT editorial

Who Will End the Violence in Syria? - WP opinion

We Need to Bargain With the Devil - NYT opinion

Is Assad’s Time Running Out? - NYT opinion

What Does Closure of Embassy in Syria Mean? - CNN opinion


Israel / Palestinians

Palestinian Rivals Agree to Form Unity Government - VOA

Abbas to Head Interim Palestinian Government - BBC

Abbas to Lead Joint Palestinian Government - WP

Palestinians Take Step Toward Unity - AP

Israel Condemns Fatah-Hamas Move - BBC

Palestinian Unity Deal Has Risks for Israel and Abbas - NYT



Egypt’s Military Rulers Speed Up Nominations for Presidential Election - VOA

Moussa Vision for Egypt Could Upset Military - Reuters

Plan to Charge 19 Americans Highlights Tense Relationship with Activists - WP

Nonprofits Have History of Distrust in Egypt - NYT

Egyptians Cancel Meetings With U.S. Lawmakers After Aid Warnings - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Russia, China Lose Credit in Arab World - Reuters

Iraq's al-Qaida Claims 2 Deadly Attacks on Shiites - AP

Election Preparations Start in Conflict-Torn Yemen - Reuters

Fight for Saudi Women’s Right to Drive Renewed - WP

Pressuring Bahrain - WP editorial


US Department of Defense

Chairman’s Corner: Strategic Direction to the Joint Force - AFPS

Top Senators Question Pentagon Move on Fighter Jet - AP

New DOD Rule Supports Independent Research, Development - AFPS

Marine's Hazing Trial Delayed After Charges Expanded - S&S

Survival Training for When a Pilot’s World Turns Upside Down -  NYT

A Leaner Fighting Machine - WP opinion


United States

Where Public Projects Meet Private Interests - WP

Defense Cuts Test Lawmakers' Resolve on Deficits - AP

Chicago Cabbie Pleads Guilty in Terrorism Case - VOA

Lawyer: Plea Deal Reached in Chicago Terror Case  - AP

Ship that Hit Ky. Bridge Has Precious NASA, DOD Space Cargo - AP

Remedies for Misconduct in War Zones - NYT editorial



Blasts Rock North Nigeria Cities - BBC

Nigeria Names Seven Behind Eni Pipeline Blast - Reuters

British Minister Restate London’s Commitment to a Peaceful Somalia - VOA

Somalia Moves to Evict Squatters - BBC

Fight Against Corruption in Kenya - WP

China Worker Found Dead in Sudan - BBC

China: Body of Missing Worker Recovered in Sudan - AP



3 Candidates Vie for Mexico Presidency - WP

Nomination Paves New Path in Mexico - NYT

Candidacy Tests Mexico's Culture of Machismo - AP

Venezuela: Suspected Kidnappers of Mexican Diplomat Arrested - AP

Colombia Fugitive 'Martin Llanos' Arrested in Venezuela - BBC

Top Colombian Warlord Arrested in Venezuela - AP

Brazil: Standoff Between Striking Police, Soldiers - AP

Troops and Police Clash in Brazil - BBC

Panama Indians Seek Release of Detained Protesters - AP


Asia Pacific

US Trip of China's Next Leader: From Obama to Iowa - AP

Canada's Harper in China Visit Focused on Energy - AP

Tibetan Exile Administration Reports More Protest Immolations - VOA

Three Tibetan Herders Self-Immolate in Protest - NYT

China Stresses Tibet Stability - BBC

China Stresses Need to Keep Tibet Stable - AP

US, Japan Mull Sending 4,700 Marines to Guam - AP

43 Killed in 6.8-Magnitude Philippines Earthquake - VOA

Deadly Quake Hits the Philippines - BBC

US to Issue Sanctions Waiver for Burma - AP

Suu Kyi Hits the Campaign Trail in Burma - AP



Europe's Big Freeze Tightens Grip - BBC

Putin: Russia Must 'Renew Democracy' But Cautiously - VOA

Russians Ignore Arctic Cold and Keep Protest Flame Burning - VOA

Europe Increases Pressure on Greece - WP

Greece to Cut Government Jobs as Debt Pressure Intensifies - VOA

Greece to Eliminate 15,000 Government Jobs - NYT

German Locals Worry About Impact of Withdrawing US Soldiers - S&S

Italy Frees Former Guantanamo Detainee - AP

French Minister's Remarks Seen as Muslim Putdown - AP

Romanian Prime Minister Resigns Amid Protests - NYT

Romania Spy Chief 'to be New PM' - BBC

Norway Mass Killer Demands Medal at Court Hearing - AP


South Asia

US Diplomats to Visit South Asia - VOA

Facebook, Google Remove Controversial Content in India - VOA

Maldives Soldiers Fire Rubber Bullets at Police - AP

Mutinying Maldives Police Take Over State Broadcaster - Reuters

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