US Army COIN Center Webcast

The US Army COIN Center is pleased to host Dr. Tom Marks for a Counterinsurgency Center Webcast.  Dr. Marks is a professor and head of the Department of War and Conflict Studies, National Defense University. Dr. Marks has analyzed numerous conflicts, to include Nepal, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Laos, the Philippines, and Northern Ireland and his scholarly and journalistic works number in the hundreds.

In this insightful presentation, Dr. Marks will discuss the use of framing and narrative (among others) to push insurgencies where tangible power cannot.  He will use his extensive knowledge of insurgencies worldwide and Nepal in particular to draw out logical conclusions and point towards lessons and application for the current force.  Audience members are invited to join the dialogue by using the chat-box tool during the presentation.

This brief is this Wednesday, 7 March 2012 at 1300 CST (1400 EST, 19:00 ZULU)

Those interested in attending may view the meeting online at and participate via Defense Connect Online (DCO) as a guest. Remote attendees will be able to ask questions and view the slides through the software.

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