Marine Corps Times First Casualty in Headquarters' War to 'Professionalize'

Marine Corps Times First Casualty in Headquarters' War to 'Professionalize' by Lance M. Bacon, Marine Corps Times.

Marine Corps leaders have ordered the independent Marine Corps Times newspaper removed from its prominent newsstand location at base exchange stores worldwide and placed instead in areas away from checkout lines, where it is harder to find and fewer copies are available.

The move raises troubling questions about motive and closely follows a directive prohibiting commanders from using budget funds to buy Marine Corps Times and a number of other publications.

Marine Corps Times is widely recognized for its comprehensive coverage of the Corps, focusing on everything from career tracks, to pay and benefits, family and spouse issues, and employment after leaving the military…

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Although HQMC has rescinded removal of the "Marine Corps Times" policy. As a rule policies runs through the CMC before rolling down hill and effecting the rank and file.

Perceptions are reality, and although substance is important, it won't override a lousy image, and the current CMC does project that kind of image, the "Times" edict one more example.

Moral Cowards...