6 August Roundup

Dozens Killed as NATO Helicopter Shot Down - NYT
Hobbyists' Toy Truck Saves 6 Soldiers' Lives – S&S
ISAF Operations Roundup – AFPS
Soldier Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter in Afghan's Killing – LAT
The Rise and Fall of ‘Little America’ – WP opinion
Afghanistan Laughs at Itself – WP opinion

Complex Web of Violence Grips Karachi – VOA
Foreign Minister: Style, But Holding Her Own? - LAT

Iraq Drawdown on Track, Transcom Official Says – AFPS
Shiite Shrine Expansion Pushes Out Sunni Neighbors -AP
Sergeant Set for Article 32 in 2009 Killings at Camp Liberty – S&S

15 Killed as Protesters Rally in Syria – VOA
Defiant Syrians Hold Huge Protests – LAT
Syrian Protests Follow Friday Prayers – WP
Broadcasting Hama Ruins, Syria Says Ended Revolt – NYT
Showing Hama in Ruins, Syria Says Revolt Quelled - AP
Activists: 24 Killed in Syria's Latest Protests - AP
US, France and Germany Condemn Syria's Assad - BBC
State Department Urges Americans to Leave Syria – AP
With Some Arab Autocrats, the Goodbyes Are Longer - Reuters
Assad Must Step Down – WP opinion

Libya Rebuffs “Alliance With Radical Islamists” – NYT
Seeking Leverage, Libya Foes in Propaganda War - Reuters
Libya Denies Death of Gadhafi's Son – VOA
NATO Crew Failed to Aid Migrant Ship, Survivors Say - NYT
Libyan Rebels: NATO Bombs Camel Weapons Caravan –AP
Navy Says Drone Lost in Libya Likely Shot Down – AP
Media Group Urges UN Probe of Strike on Libya TV - AP

Israel / Palestinians
Community Takes Shape at Israeli Protesters' Tent City - LAT

Egypt's Army Drives Activists from Tahrir Square – AP
Mr. Mubarak on Trial – NYT editorial

Middle East / North Africa
Iran’s Growing Income Inequality – WP
Yemeni Troops Clash With Powerful Tribe in Capital - AP
Relief Group Stops Work in Bahrain After Raid – NYT
Gunman Killed Near Saudi Interior Minister's Palace - Reuters
Tunisia: Disillusionment Seeps In - NYT

US Department of Defense
Panetta Discusses Security Challenges in Stratcom Visit – AFP
Army to Begin 9-month Deployments in January – S&S
Nine-month Army Deployments to Begin in 2012 – AFPS
'Reverse Boot Camp' to Prepare Troops for Civilian Life - S&S
Is Less Defense the Best Offense? – NYT opinion

United States
S&P Downgrades US Long-Term Debt - NYT
For First Time, US Credit Rating Cut from AAA - WP
DEA Played Role in ATF Gun Sting – LAT
Officers Guilty of Shooting Six in New Orleans - NYT
Five Police Convicted in post-Katrina Shootings - LAT

Shabab Concede Control of Somalia’s Capital to Government – NYT
Spokesmen: Islamist Militia Leaving Somali Capital – AP
Somalia's Al Shabaab Militia Leaving Mogadishu -Reuters
Al-Shabab Preventing Somalis from Fleeing Country – VOA
Ten Dead as Somali Troops, Residents Loot Famine Aid - Reuters
Several Dead in Somali Aid Raid – BBC
Sudan Blocks South's Oil Shipment - BBC
Kadugli Bishop Appeals to UN to Stop Sudan Bombings – VOA
Sudan 'Threatened to Shoot UN Helicopter' – BBC
Sudan Denies Delaying Medivac for Dying UN Troops - Reuters
UN Peacekeeper Killed in Darfur Attack - AP

Mexico Keeps Fugitive on Payroll – WP
Rough Start for Brazilian Leader Rousseff – AP
Venezuela Frees More Than 2,000 Prisoners - Reuters
Cuban Court Rejects US Man’s Appeal – WP
Prison Term for Crimes Against Cuba Is Upheld - NYT
Cuba Rejects US Contractor Appeal - BBC

Asia Pacific
China Tries to Silence Dissent Overseas - WP
Fears of Suicide Surge in Japan's Tsunami Zone – VOA
Philippine President Meets Rebels – BBC
Rebels Seize Philippine Mayor, Kill Soldier - AP
Shinawatra Elected Thai PM by Parliament - NYT

Debt Fears Hit European Markets – VOA
Europe Economic Crisis Festers – LAT
Far-Right Anger, Violence Thrive on Europe's Edges - AP
Russian President Says US Had Role in Georgian Conflict – NYT
Kosovo, Serbia Reach Border Deal, Local Serbs Object - Reuters
Tensions in Kosovo Challenge Peace Talks – AP
North Africa al-Qaida Branch “Won't Attack Europe” – AP
Crisis-hit Cyprus has New Cabinet - BBC

South Asia
India Fears Impact of Economic Crisis - WP
India Group 'Could be Linked' to Mumbai Blasts - BBC

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