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This article examines the origins, organization and execution of the Mpeketoni terror attacks in Kenya.

As the Army resets after protracted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan it is an appropriate time to challenge  existing Army beliefs about force structures and design.

The significant influence of the informal network that surrounds artisanal mining is therefore an important security concern that can extend across borders and have far-reaching impacts.

So-called “ungoverned spaces” present the United States with significant security challenges in an era characterized by “softened sovereignty."

Radical Islamist factions have risen and established a firm presence in the conflict, and it is now time to question whether a hands-off policy has really worked in favor of western interests.

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"Underestimating an adversary’s will to win can be a costly mistake in war, as Director of National Intelligence James Clapper noted in an interview last week."

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"While looking at the effectiveness of a doctrine like COIN in past conflicts is instructive, it can’t be the only factor that determines how the U.S. prepares its troops for combat."

ISIS, Air Power, Land Power and Clausewitz at The Bridge.