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This essay argues that external support to the insurgents is usually a decisive factor in determining the outcome of an insurgency.

Guardians of the Machine - Defense Entrepreneurs Forum 2014.

In this article, we will highlight some of the operational mechanics involved in the Security Force Advise and Assist Team mission, and also provide key lessons learned.

The roles performed by U.S. Civil Affairs elements in Peru have changed dramatically in the past three years.  What began as operating out of the U.S. Embassy evolved to conducting field...

Modern counterinsurgency practice is fighting a new insurgency with new tactics based on old principles.

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Syrian activists said the first of 150 Iraqi Kurdish fighters have arrived in Kobani to help Syrian Kurds in their fight against Islamic State militants.

This paper analyzes and evaluates the use of death squads in counterinsurgencies.

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A “water bucket” leader is someone whose leadership approach can be likened to sticking a hand into a bucket of water and creating a stir.

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